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HubSpot User Group

The Palm Beach County HubSpot User Group (PBC HUG) is composed of marketers and CEOs of local businesses looking to master the HubSpot software and get the best results.

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HuBspot User Group Meeting

Friday, December 8, 2017 in West Palm Beach

Topic: HubSpot Speaker to be announced

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Inbound 2017

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past speakers

Angela Hicks

Optimize your customer's journey with contextual marketing

Contextual marketing revolves around addressing a person’s needs, goals, and habits to create a personalized website user experience.

Angela Hicks, Senior Inbound Professor

Joshua Feinberg

how to use webinars to educate and build trust at scale

Top of funnel programs fail to grow revenue. Achieving trusted advisor status is no longer optional. Webinars help educate, build trust, and create scalable, predictable revenue growth.

Joshua Feinberg, Vice President
SP Home Run, Inc.