What to Expect at Boca Raton HubSpot User Group Meetings

Join current HubSpot partners, customers, and those interested in getting started with HubSpot!
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The Traditional Marketing Playbook Is No Longer Effective

Disruptive technologies like mobile devices, search engines, social media platforms, and cloud-based software are turning traditional marketing channels on their head. If your business still depends on interruption-centric marketing, like cold calls, list rentals, and banner ads for example, you're in for a rude awakening -- because your prospects are getting really, really good at blocking you out. Seek to help, not harass, your prospects.

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Special Guests from HubSpot Headquarters in Boston

Twice a year (and sometimes more often if we're lucky!) we welcome a HubSpot guest speaker from Boston. In March 2014, Sarah Bedrick, Inbound Marketing Professor from the HubSpot Academy Team, joined us to talk about lead generation and lead conversion best practices. In December 2014, Rachel Sprung, Product Marketing Associate at HubSpot, met with our members to discuss new marketing strategies for the new year. In May 2015,  Christopher LoDolce, Customer Training Professor at HubSpot, joined us at the annual SCORE conference to discuss growing small businesses with Inbound. And in December 2015, Isaac Moche, Senior Inbound Professor at HubSpot, spoke about email best practices to a standing-room-only crowd. We look forward to welcoming more of our esteemed colleagues from HubSpot this year!
Success with Inbound marketing and HubSpot is a marathon, not a sprint. You can't just dip your pinky toe in the pool and hope to win the race. The Boca Raton HubSpot User Group helps HubSpot customers and future HubSpot customers keep their skills sharp and raise the bar on their Inbound business growth.

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Personalization Gets You Noticed By the Right Decision Makers in the Right Context

Selective consumption platforms, including iTunes, NetFlix, SiriusXM, and TiVo, have made your decision makers really spoiled. They're used to getting everything, instantaneously, on their terms, without putting up with extraneous nonsense. The upshot? Your prospects have very little attention span and very little tolerance for generic content. In order for your content to resonate with your best ideal clients, be sure to develop buyer personas and build all of your Inbound campaigns to support reaching these buyer personas with remarkable content.
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Cover the Full Funnel with Your Inbound to Align Marketing and Sales

Traditional Internet marketing usually falls flat because it only addresses traffic generation issues like SEO, PPC marketing, and social media. If it covers lead generation at all, it's usually only in a very superficial fashion. For success with Inbound marketing and sales, your strategy and campaigns must cover the full sales funnel: Attract strangers to your website to turn them into website visitors. Convert website visitors into leads. Close leads into clients. And delight clients for long-term retention and transforming clients into promoters that bring more strangers to your website. 
Attend and participate in Boca Raton HubSpot User Group meetings to learn from other local Inbound marketers and HubSpotters, and share best practices to help power your long-term success and business growth.

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